We are super excited to welcome guests back to our Cabins and Tipi’s here in beautiful Hocking Hills. In that regard we feel that it is necessary to inform you of some of the extra steps we are taking to insure the health and safety of our guests and our staff.

We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facilities and by adding a few additional safety measures we believe will make your stay with us more enjoyable and worry free.

Here are some of the things that you might notice are a little different from your last stay with us.

  1. We will be leaving our cabins unoccupied for at least 24 hours between rentals. In some cases, cabins may set unoccupied for a longer period of time when scheduling allows for it.
  2. We will be running an ozone generator in each cabin for one hour after guests have checked out. (We are aware of all of the safety protocols for ozone generators and it is set on a timer – no one will enter that building for 24 hours after the generator has been run) There is some indication that this will kill odors , viruses and bacteria in the air. They are used in hospitals, hotels and factories to clean the air. 
  3. CLEANING all surfaces in the cabin is a normal part of our cleaning routine, but we will be paying extra attention to the small details and highly touched surfaces like remotes, light switches, door knobs etc. We will be using only CDC approved cleaning sprays and have obtained a hospital spray to be used on all furnishings.
  4. Laundry will be carefully be handled and laundered using a sterilization setting on our machines.
  5. We have purchased pillow encasements that will be used on all bed pillows and couch pillows and laundered between each stay – these are placed on the pillows before the pillowcases. These items are an extra layer of protection – they are anti-microbial and waterproof.
  6. Of course we will be cleaning all appliances, countertops, bathroom surfaces etc. with a hospital grade disinfectant
  7. Floors and carpets are either mopped or swept as always
  8. Outdoor furniture and the grills are always wiped down with a proper cleaning solution
  9. Hot tubs have always been cleaned and sanitized between guests – our hot tubs are sparkling clean – always have been and always will be. Each hot tub also has an ozonater. The tops of the hot tub will also be wiped down with a bleach solution.
  10. Please pay extra attention to your prearrival email that will be sent out a few days prior to your stay. Along with a warm welcome you will also find links in that email to area information on which restaurants and attractions will be open during your stay
  11. We will be supplying hand soap, shampoo and conditioner for your personal hygiene, but we highly suggest that you bring your own hand sanitizer and personal masks for any outings that you have planned.
  12. In the kitchen you will find plenty of dish soap, Brillo pads, dish drying towels and dish clothes. If we can procure alcohol wipes, we will be providing those as well. We will be providing the information on our supply of the wipes in your prearrival email
  13. There will be a complete list of things that we provide in your prearrival email
  14. If you are camping with us in one of the Tipi’s we have hand sanitizer available in the port-a-john and in the shower area (this is dependent on availability) we still ask you to bring your own hand sanitizer if possible.
  15. We will be wiping down the picnic tables and trash cans as always. The porta john is cleaned daily with a bleach solution and there is plenty of hand sanitizer available.
  16. We will be frequently wiping down the playground, but we leave it up to you to make sure that your children use hand sanitizer or wash their hands in between use.
  17. During this time, we will be removing games and scavenger hunts from the cabins – we just don’t think that it is feasible to effectively clean all of these items between guests.
  18. Check in procedure will change considerably. You will be asked to stop at the gift shop and call us at 740-385-0707 to notify us of your arrival. Frank or Renee’ will then open the shop to allow you to pick up your prepared vacation packet. Each packet will contain a sterilized key, directions to your cabin and a map of our surrounding property, a copy of the Hocking Hills Tourism Guide, a copy of our rental policy agreement that you signed or check marked when making your reservation and a departure procedure form that will explain how to check out. Frank or Renee will stand 6 feetaway during the check in and we will be wearing masks – we ask that you do the same.
  19. Instead of handling a credit card we will ask that you read us the card info and we will punch it in to the machine. If you are going to purchase firewood for your stay, we ask that you call us prior to arrival so that we can add it to your final invoice. You will be able to call us for more firewood during your stay, but we do ask that you pay for it with a credit card over the phone.
  20. If you have any questions before, during or after your stay please contact us by email at or by calling us at 740-385-0707

    We truly miss our guests and cannot wait to provide you with a safe and relaxing respite from all the madness in the world right now. We are sincerely hopeful that thing will turn around soon, and we can get back to our normal lives.

    We are so happy to welcome you back – you’re the reason we do what we do – you’re the reason we get out of bed everyday – you are the ones that put a smile on our faces day after day and year after year. Thank you for staying with us and we hope you have an amazing stay!


                                                                                                    Thank you,

                                                                                                    Frank and Renee’